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Episode 42 – Kelly Lewis – Navigating Polarities

Have you ever had a decision or problem that just didn’t seem to go away? If you’re a leader, you have probably confronted the idea of putting more structure in place OR giving people more flexibility. You may have considered the benefits of centralizing a certain function a couple of years after de-centralizing…

Kelly Lewis joins us this week to talk about a new book that she authored with Brian Emerson – Navigating Polarities – Using Both/And Thinking to Lead Transformation. In this episode we learn how we can be better off actually “navigating” these issues may be a better approach for all involved. Kelly shares a very touching story from her childhood that may have been the spark for her interest in polarity thinking and how the “third way” can be transformational.

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Doug Hensch!

Doug Hensch is an ICF (International Coach Federation) credentialed coach who brings a wealth of experience and passion to the work he does for his clients. His philosophy is simple: Set meaningful goals. Identify your strengths. Work in them regularly.

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