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The Looking for And Podcast:
How to Be a Better Thinker

Get ready to draw upon your curiosity and open-mindedness to see additional points of view.

“AND” reminds us that we do not have all the answers. It stresses the point that when we enter a situation with a certain amount of humility, we open ourselves to more creativity, better problem-solving and more accurate, objective analysis of issues.

Doug Hensch Is Your Host

The Looking for And podcast is the brainchild of Doug Hensch.

Doug is the Founder of DRH Leadership, an executive coach and the author of Positively Resilient: 5 1/2 Secrets to Beat Stress,  Overcome Obstacles and Defeat Anxiety.

Make More Effective Decisions

How do we make more effective decisions, particularly when we feel like we are faced with either/or situations? How do we create more options for ourselves, our organizations and our families?

Let's Get Beyond Partisan Politics

How do we get out of this trap of partisan thinking that limits our ability to govern effectively and creatively? How do we create more dialogue and less arguing from positions? How do we recognize what we all have in common instead of emphasizing differences?

The Future of Work Is Right Now

From the AI revolution to automation and new ways of conceptualizing currency, AND can be a helpful way to frame possibility. How do we keep progress moving forward AND create jobs and careers at the same time?

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What is resilience? Is it just a fancy way to characterize a hopeful, upbeat personality or a positive spirit of never giving up? In Positively Resilient, Doug Hensch aims to take a different look at what turns out to be a much richer and deeper concept than just bouncing back from adversity.

Martin Seligman, considered the father of positive psychology, has likened resilience to clearing the weeds from a rose garden, which can only reach its potential if the weeds are kept in check. Human beings face “weeds” of their own: Layoffs, health issues, stock market crashes, threats of terrorism, and natural disasters are all too common. Americans are busier, more stressed, and more anxious and depressed than they were during the Great Depression.