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Episode 25 – Amy Climer – The Deliberate Creative

What would it do for you or your team if you could be more creative? My bet is that more and better ideas would make you more productive and better at problem-solving. Amy Climer, PhD, joins me on this episode as we talk about the research-backed secrets to increasing creativity, innovation and collaboration. To get started, right now, talk to your team about implementing these seven norms of collaboration:

1 – Pause: Give yourself a second or two think about responding to a teammate.

2 – Paraphrase: Gain clarity with the speaker by helping them check for understanding AND spark ideas with others listening.

3 – Pose questions: Inquire into others’ ideas BEFORE presenting your own.

4 – Put ideas on the table: A “tentative” way to offer the group something to consider.

5 – Provide data: Present both qualitative and quantitative data to the discussion to create shared meaning.

6 – Pay attention to self & others: Be conscious of how you and others are contributing to or detracting from the group’s effectiveness.

7 – Presume positive intentions: Start from a “good” place with the actions and words of others to advance the team’s progress.

And, by the way, here is Amy’s TEDxAsheville Talk on The Power of Creative Teams.

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