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Episode 21 – Kathleen Loehr – Gender Matters

Did you know that there is over $400 billion (yes, BILLION!) of philanthropic giving in the US each year? Did you also know that there is an untapped group that can make the number even higher?

Please meet Kathleen Loehr, author, consultant and coach. Loehr recently published Gender Matters – A Guide to Growing Women’s Philanthropy. She sat down with me to talk about how her childhood desire to be a spy (yes, a spy!) has come true, how women give more than men and how empathy just might be driving all of this. Loehr also helps us address political polarization and the future of work from a very coach-like point of view.

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Doug Hensch!

Doug Hensch is an ICF (International Coach Federation) credentialed coach who brings a wealth of experience and passion to the work he does for his clients. His philosophy is simple: Set meaningful goals. Identify your strengths. Work in them regularly.

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