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Episode 20 – Ryan Niemiec – The Power of Character Strengths

Have you ever wondered what makes some people achieve more than others? Or, what are the real building blocks to well being? Maybe even…what contributes to the success of romantic relationships? Finally, what might the research be telling us about the political polarization in the US?

Dr. Ryan Niemiec, Director of Education for the Values in Action Institute has been working on these questions (and others) for years. Niemiec’s answer is interesting AND practical – find ways to apply your psychological strengths. In this episode we’ll talk about how strengths represent the potential for goodness in the world, why it may be important to appreciate the strengths of your partner and how you can apply your strengths at work in 3, simple steps.

If you want to take the free strengths survey, go to If you want to read a really good book on the subject AND apply your strengths more effectively, check out The Power of Character Strengths – Appreciate and Ignite Your Positive Personality.

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Doug Hensch!

Doug Hensch!

Doug Hensch is an ICF (International Coach Federation) credentialed coach who brings a wealth of experience and passion to the work he does for his clients. His philosophy is simple: Set meaningful goals. Identify your strengths. Work in them regularly.

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